Tarot Reading 1

Spread: 5 card Spread


  1. Page of Cups
  2. Ace of Swords
  3. VI - The Lovers
  4. VI of Pentacles (rev.)
  5. IX of Wands

Right off the bat I notice that this drawing only has one Major arcana card, and it’s The lovers in the position of the future card. What this suggests is that the situation that you face may be just seeding it’s self; the meat of the problem has yet to be seen, so prepare yourself for it. All five cards are also of different suits, which suggests that the problem at hand is incredibly multifaceted. It is important that you keep your eyes open and stay on your toes. There is a lot going on around you and it is important that you tread carefully.

Right now you find yourself as a student of creativity and emotions. Little burdens your mind other than the need to develop your creative and expressive self, perhaps through a program or simple inward reflection. You look for what inspires you. Your creativity and inward reflection may go as far as psychic development, and the intent to understand and contemplate the world more thoroughly and on a deeper level.

What you’re dealing with right now is the result of a cencentrated spiritual awareness. You’ve come to a point in which you’re looking for the truth in the world around you. Look at the sword on the ace of Swords card. It points straight up. Straight up toward true intellect- the intelligence of the spirit. You have understood that there is more than just what can be perceived by the eye. You have come to understand that there is knowledge hidden in the spirit of life.

Where will this take you? To true individualism through a very grown very reminiscent of adolescnence. You will find yourself set apart from the rest of the world because of your ability to understand the duality of the world. You will recognize both the material world, and the importance of filling your life with spirituality and fulfilling your spirit and the knowledge that comes with that. However, by taking this journey you will find yourself in a place that may not have guidance for you. Much like a teenager who grows away from their parents to pursue their own character, it may become difficult to understand what is right or wrong, or how to proceed forward on your journey. In the end, though, you will find yourself feeling much less alone because of this new individualism. Although it sounds contradictory, you will learn to love something and see the love in others, and bring you to unity with yourself and others around you. 

What you’re probably feeling right now that is driving you is your sense of lack of spirituality. You feel that what you are putting into life isn’t worth what life is giving you. You’ve got yourself in a “what’s the point” cycle that just doesn’t feel fair to you. So when you do find that it may be difficult to journey on because you lack the guidance that is void in The Lovers, you can remember the rewardless cycle that you are getting yourself free from.

Continue what you’re doing. It’s what is best for you, especially emotionally and spiritually. What you are experiencing is a sort of battle. You may be uninspired at the moment because it feels like just another task to you, but in the end the reward is going to be a tool box of knowledge and skills that you will be able to use. What you will experience is a pride and confidence that will help you win any battle that you find yourself faced with in the future. 

The Classic 5 Card Spread

The Spread


Image courtesy of AngelPaths

The Purpose

This spread is great for determining a course of action within a situation. It is a great spread for answering a question, but it may also be left open.

The Cards

  1. The Present /General Theme:This Card is all about the current standing of the situation in regards to the question asked. It may reviel how the subject feels, how the people around him or her feel, or the general mood of the sitatuation or environment. It tells all about the now.
  2. Past Influence Still Having and Effect:This is anything that has happened in the past that still lingers in the air today. It may be changes in thinking or feeling, major growth periods and changes in people or situations, or it may be it may be previous interactions or events within the situation being inquired about. It may refer to anything that has happened in the past- distant or recent.
  3. The Furture:This tells of things that are planned to be right now. Because the future is not fixed, this tells of where the situation is headed if the situation remains as is. Of course, the future may change, but this is advice on whether or not the status of the situation is fundamentally beneficial or negative, and is headed in a positive or negative direction.
  4. The Reason:This card reveals the true intentions of the question being asked. It tells of the inner thoughts and feelings that drive the question. It may reveal secret desire or intentions, or tell of key character traits that play an important part in making the asked question a key part of the subject’s life.
  5. The Potential Within the Situation: This may be referred to as the best or worst outcomes of the situation. It may not be litteral, and may refer to something as abstract as spiritual growth or a lesson learned as the result of the experience. However, it may also point towards the potential outcomes of your situation if the situation is handled in specific ways. It is important to think of this card in terms of card 3 in order to understand how the situation should be handled.

A New Goal

So after giving it some thought, I’ve decided what my new goal is:
I want to master every occult art that I can possibly master.
Now I know this sounds like a huge goal. Well it is. I really think I can undertake it though. I know it won’t take me 3 days, and I know it won’t take me 3 weeks, or 3 years. It’ll probably take me 3 life times to finish all my studies. In the end, though, I think it’ll be really good for me as a way to look into myself, reflect outwardly, and understand the way the world around me in a way that can’t necessarily be taught in books. I’ll be able to look below the surface of what everyone else sees and understand the life and energy that flows beneath it’s surface. After all, they say paganism and Wicca is the religion of thinkers.
Here’s a list of many of the occult arts and science that there are and many of the ones I want to study:
Astral projection
Candle Magick
Defense Magick
Elemental Magick
Energy Magick
Healing Magick
Herbalism and Potionology
Kitchen Magick
Knot Magick
Music Magick
Pendulum Magick
Rune Magick
Shape Shifting
Sigil Magick
Symbol Magick
Sympathetic Magick
Weather Magick
I’m starting with tarot magick. I’m going to do a spread each day so that I can learn the cards and a variety of spreads. I’ll also learn the meditate on a card each day so that I can practice tarot meditation. I’ll also work on some tarot spells to help me increase my tarot abilities. Everyday I’ll post a tarot diary entry based on the cards. The post will include the spread, the meaning of each place in the spread, the meanings of the cards, and then a write up of the reading and what it all means.

A Breakthrough on the First Day

The other day I stumbled upon a year-and-a-day guide book, which was highly recommended over the internet. A Witch Alone: Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic by Marian Green is a wonderful publication. It’s very thorough, as it starts from the ground up in all of its teaching. It’s well written, and very hands on. It’s not so much a course book as it is a guide; giving the reader basic exercises to complete, along with outside reading materials to direct the student’s study.

Although I’m only two chapters in, I highly recommend it thus far. What really gave it a place in my heart, however, was because of a use of wording that I have never seen before, that really gave me a better understand of what Wicca is and how it “works”, so to say.

For the longest time, there was a little barrier inside of me that prevented my wanting to practice witchcraft, and it was my unwillingness to believe in any form of deity. Before discovering Wicca, I was a hard and fast atheist, who never believed in anything more than science. On top of that, there was a little voice in my head that said, “This is all a load of crap. They don’t even have a god. They continuously say that the God and Goddess aren’t even people or beings. You can’t picture them or describe them. You can’t see them. They just are. None of this can be true if the masters don’t even know what they’re talking about”. At that point, I was about ready to give up and forget any of this. Then, however, I read this passage from the book:

“It is by working with the God and Goddess within that we may gain much of our magical power, and alongside that the will to control it and the responsibility to use it properly. If you look at the earlier part of this chapter, you will see which are the main attributes of the God and Goddess as they exist and are available to everyone, and then you may be able to choose those aspects which you most need to invoke in yourself, using your inner God/Goddess force to do this. Gradually you will learn the ancient art of symbolism and magic, wherein a certain sign, number, colour, tree or flower may represent that which you wish to contact, and by its ritual use, or even mental imagination, you will be able to ask clearly for specific help, and receive just that”.

Green, Marian. “Two: Meeting the Goddess and God of the Witches.” A Witch Alone: Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic. London: HarperCollinsPublishers, 2010. N. pag. Print.

I want to walk through what I realized because of this book that will make me a more successful witch. Firstly, the God and Goddess both maintain traits that are specific to them. To contact and get in touch with the God or Goddess is to get in touch with these traits, whether it be compassion, protection, or discipline and knowledge. However, what I didn’t know before this was that the God and Goddess are found within, not without. Everybody contains the traits of the God and Goddess somewhere deep within him or herself. To get to know and to visualize the God and Goddess is to visualize and know where the masculine and feminine traits lie within oneself, and how to access them. This is the beginning of being able to connect certain symbols with the God and Goddess, and being able to use these symbols to conjure the powers from within oneself.

Wicca and Witchcraft are not about looking outward to find the God and Goddess in the great wide somewhere, floating around in the universe or heavens or what-have-you. It is about looking inward, and associated certain traits, abilities, and feelings with the image of a masculine or feminine figure in your mind and using that image to excite magickal abilities. This makes the entire system of Wicca make more sense to me. I understand know that Wicca is a celebration of the self and our abilities, and not a process of worshipping some great being watching from above. The God and Goddess are the “All” because they are the embodiment of the traits that lie inside each individual, and not because they are omnipotent beings sitting on their thrones in Heaven, judging us.